About us

The iC GROUP has been operating in Europe, Middle East and Africa for over 25 years, building a highly successful distribution network for products specifically designed and manufactured for the visual communication industry.
Located in the heart of Europe, the company is based in Aalter, Belgium and is ideally placed to distribute products directly from the warehouse to our clients.
Being its exclusive representative in Europe since 1993, Industrial Consultants can pride itself on a strong, long lasting relationship with RTape Corp.
Offering a wide product range that meets the needs of a large international customer base, the iC GROUP has been able to contribute to RTape’s leading position in the global graphics industry.
In addition to this, a solid co-operation was developed with Stahls’ and iSee2 six years ago respectively, broadening the iC GROUP’s horizons with regard to product variety and customer category.
As four years ago Nekoosa has acquired RTape Corp, we were able to add Nekoos coated products to our representation.
However, the iC GROUP is so much more than just a distribution company.
Apart from an extensive stocking capacity, the iC GROUP's warehouse has converting facilities allowing custom-made solutions for customers.
Our experienced external sales agents can assist clients with technical advice, help to open new markets and most importantly will always look to build strong relationships with their strategic partners.
The iC GROUP can offer additional support in numerous languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Turkish), which is offered by our versatile and efficient customer service team.
Moreover, the iC GROUP is responsible for the marketing activities of RTape, Nekoosa Coated products and iSee2 in the pan-European, African and Middle Eastern markets, allowing a direct and accurate communication about pricing, promotions and innovations.
By continuously modernising & investing in service, the iC GROUP has been able to achieve its leading market position and can efficiently expand its distribution network worldwide, representing RTape Corp., Nekoosa, Stahls’, and iSee2.
I hope you enjoy our new website and hope to see you in the future!
Karel Blondé
General Manager